Let us help you find your new (-ish) dream car!

What is brokerage?

Put simply, brokerage through Diablo Motors is custom ordering your dream car; just as if you were buying a new car, but at a fraction of the cost. Let us know what year, make, model, colors, options, price range, etc, you desire and we will go out and find it for you. We work best with current models from 6 months to 5 years old, many still with existing factory warranties. We don't provide new car brokerage.

How much do we charge for brokerage service?

We will go out and find your dream car at no additional charge!

Even our brokerage cars are certified.

Before we hand over the keys to your new car, feel secure knowing we:

Verify a clean history check through 2 major reporting systems: CarFax and NMVTIS
Give it our trademark extensive 200-point inspection
Provide a full service, ensuring you receive your vehicle with all maintenance up to date
Thoroughly detail the interior and exterior with our showroom detail package
Provide you with our exclusive 90-day warranty
Handle the transferring of any remaining warranty, as applicable
Provide California smog and safety inspections, as applicable
Fill your new car's gas tank before delivery

Once it's luxurious and safe to drive away, we can:

Provide financing with competitive interest rates, currently as low as 3.5% for well-qualified buyers, or utilize your pre-approved loan
Take your old car in trade with competitive Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Values, if desired
Help you choose from competitive extended warranty options to best suit your needs

More details about our brokerage service

At Diablo Motors Auto Sales, we believe you should be able to buy the exact vehicle you want, in all your favorite colors and options, without having to buy new. That means you won’t have to take that huge first-year depreciation hit, AND you won’t have to drive all over the planet looking at other peoples’ stinky dirty as-is cars! We’re pretty sure your time is valuable to you, and we KNOW your money is valuable to you, so why spend all that extra time AND pay retail, when we can get you EXACTLY what you want for WAY less money? All while you’re out having fun!

So although we already keep a great stock of high-quality vehicles in our showroom, (mostly BMW, Mercedes, and others), in a wide price range, you don’t have to buy what we already have. Most dealerships try to sell you what they have in stock. That’s because it’s easier for them. But at Diablo Motors Auto Sales, we want you to get EXACTLY what you want. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, you can “custom order” it at no extra cost. You can specify year, make, model, colors, options, price range, etc, just like buying new, but at a fraction of the cost! I attend 10 or more dealer-only auctions each month and have personal see/touch/smell access to about 20,000 cars at these dealer auctions. (No public auction junk) Once I know what you want, I scan the posted lease returns and other dealers, bank, and rental inventories to see what will be available at the next sale. After locating vehicles that meet your “on paper” specs, I then view these vehicles personally, inspect them, drive them, and bid on them on your behalf if they meet your and my criteria. After I purchase your vehicle, it then goes through our Service Department for a careful and extensive 200-point inspection, plus our thorough interior and exterior detail, making sure that we don’t miss a thing. And on the rare occasion that I do miss something, you’re still covered under our exclusive 90-day warranty! Plus most of these cars are still covered under their fully-transferable FACTORY warranty, so you’re double covered! These vehicles are cleaned, CarFaxed, serviced, smogged, warrantied, fueled (YEP, EVEN A FULL GAS TANK!), and ready to roll.

And now on to pricing, because I know you want to know… Generally, our prices are WAY BELOW Kelley Blue Book “Retail”, pretty close to or below Kelley Blue Book “Private Party” prices, and in almost ALL cases, below anyone else's apples-to-apples prices! We call that “full service at the self-service price”. So you’ll save money AND time, get a nice clean car, and you’ll probably never buy a car “the old way” ever again! If you’re not quite sure what you want, we can offer information, photos, prices, service recommendations, and guidance.

Best of all, this is a RISK-FREE one-stop shop. If you don’t like it, you don’t buy it! I’m so certain that I’ll meet or exceed your expectations that I GUARANTEE IT! You’ll get exactly what you asked for (or better), without paying more than you want to, and without doing any of the work. Plus we can arrange financing, or use your pre-approved loan, take your old car in trade, offer extended warranties, and I even handle all the DMV stuff! I’ll save you the nerve-wracking weekends of cheesy dealerships and classified ad shopping. It’s the best of all worlds – the lowest cost and the highest quality for the exact type vehicle you want!

To place an order, simply fill out the form below, and I’ll contact you personally! Or just call me direct at 925-830-8747!

I’d love to hear from you soon!

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