Diablo Motors Auto Sales also offers proven and competent consignment services right here in our San Ramon showroom. If you don't have the time, knowledge, patience, or energy to sell your car yourself, have us do it for you! Just make an appointment and bring your car in for a free evaluation. We will tell you what it's worth, what it will take to get it ready for sale, and then we'll do all the work for you! We'll recondition it, take quality photos for the internet, and then field all the calls and ultimately get it sold for you! No calls at your house, strangers showing up at odd hours (or not showing up at all), no bad checks to worry about. We also can take trade-ins, arrange financing, and do all the DMV transfer work, so you don't have to do anything.

Our consignment fee is 10% of the final sales price, with a minimum of $1500 for cars under $15,000, plus any reconditioning items that we did.

Also, be sure to ask about our buy-it-now option, where we just buy your car right now, with no wait for a buyer. (Obviously that number is a little less than if you wait for it to sell). We're happy to go over all of your options and the price points with you.

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